Opening conference

On May 24, 2021, an on-line conference under the title: “WHAT’S THIS WATER FOR?” was held to start the Kampinos WetLIFE project. We invite you to watch the podcast from this event. The conference was held in Polish.

Below are the transmission times of the individual presentations.

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part I
wetlands of the Kampinos Forest

12.05   Wetlands must be wet – Wiktor Kotowski, University of Warsaw/Wetland Conservation Center

31.37   Transformations of the Kampinos Forest wetlands over the centuries – Anna Andrzejewska, Kampinos National Park

49.20   The influence of wetlands on the fauna diversity of the Kampinos Forest – Karol Kram, Adam Olszewski, Kampinoski Park Narodowy

1.07.38   Water and valuable habitats of the Kampinos Forest – Anna Kębłowska, Agnieszka Gutkowska, Kampinos National Park

1.23.30   Restoration of wetlands in the Kampinos Forest as an example of future solutions – Tomasz Okruszko, Warsaw Universty of Life Sciences

1.37.33   Kampinos WetLIFE: genesis and outline of activities – Michał Miazga, REC Poland

part II

Kampinos WetLIFE project

2.21.45  Threats and fauna protection of wetlands in the Kampinos WetLIFE project – Krzysztof Klimaszewski, Warsaw Universty of Life Sciences

2.34.03 i 2.59.35  Planned technical measures to increase water retention in wetland ecosystems– Karol Kaszyński, REC Poland

2.46.28  Social conditions for the protection of wetlands in the Kampinos Forest, communication and public consultations – Paulina Dzierża, REC Poland

3.09.40  Habitat protection planned in the Kampinos WetLIFE project – Agnieszka Gutkowska, Anna Kębłowska, Kampinos National Park

3.24.13  Methods of active bird protection in the Kampinos WetLIFE project – Adam Olszewski, Kampinos National Park

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