On October 10-13th we organised a study tour for the project staff and invited representatives of administration offices cooperating in the Kampinoskie Bagna 2 project. Together, we visited 8 wetland… Więcej »

We’ve been to the World Wetlands Day in Lublin

Last week, we took part in the celebration of the World Wetlands Day, organized by the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Project coordinator Michał Miazga conducted a workshop using the… Więcej »

Partners’ meeting took place online on February 16th. We shared the results of our work done during the last six months and our plans for the nearest future. At the… Więcej »

We’ve completed public consultations on the 1st report on building small retention facilities

At the end of December 2021, we’ve finished the public consultations of the Report verifying the preliminary plans for the implementation of small retention in Kampinos WetLIFE. We haven’t received… Więcej »

Public consultation of Report no.1 – verifying project assumptions

In autumn, we’ve met with the inhabitants of Miszory, Famułki, Łubiec and Kępiaste – the villages closest to the areas where we plan to work in the project Kampinos WetLIFE.… Więcej »

Kampinos WetLIFE at the picnic in Leoncin

Last Sunday, REC Polska took part in the 3rd Tourist Fair, Mission Kampinos in Leoncin, to meet the inhabitants of the commune and talk about the Kampinos WetLIFE project. We… Więcej »

Opening conference

On May 24, 2021, an on-line conference under the title: “WHAT’S THIS WATER FOR?” was held to start the Kampinos WetLIFE project. We invite you to watch the podcast from… Więcej »

Kampinos WetLIFE – press materials

On March 17, the first press conference of the project Kampinos WetLIFE took place. It was combined with the ceremonial signing of partnership agreements. The podcast from this event is… Więcej »

Got it! New project: Kampinos WetLIFE

We are pleased to announce that the project “Kampinos Wetlands” will be continued. After many efforts, it was possible to obtain financing for further activities aimed at protecting wetlands of… Więcej »

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