Study tour

On October 10-13th we organised a study tour for the project staff and invited representatives of administration offices cooperating in the Kampinoskie Bagna 2 project. Together, we visited 8 wetland protection projects in Poland and Germany, both those based on water management and those aimed at restoring them to a natural or semi-natural state, also with no conservation target (re-wilding).

The purpose of the visit was to learn about water management, nature and the problems of local communities in the wetlands of western Poland and Germany. Each of the visited projects were somehow corresponding with Kampinos WetLIFE, so had the opportunity to discuss topics related to the implementation of our project in the field. The detailed program of the trip can be found here.

For us, and we hope that also for our guests, this time was very fruitful. We hope that the established contacts will support cooperation between institutions operating in the Kampinos Forest, not only in the field of wetland protection.

2022 REC Polska