Picnics that we’ve been to and where to meet us next

Summertime and open air are good conditions to talk about nature. REC Poland promotes activities of the Kampinos Wetlands project at picnics and festivals in the vicinity of the Kampinos National Park.

During the meetings, we present a miniature model of water circulation in the Park, which allows to show how dams and other hydrotechnical infrastructure influence water levels in particular project areas. There is also a workshop on making DIY “crushers” with project’s logo, which is a great attraction for children. The toys are made from expired balloons, that gives an additional benefit for promoting sustainable use of resources and upcycling. Since autumn 2018, people living in the vicinity of Kampinos National Park are also encouraged to take part in a survey, which aims to gather opinions about the perception of water in nature and a National Park as a place to live, from people living in the Park and its buffer zone. Our additional attraction is the moose, which bravely encourages guests to visit the stand, despite thick fur that is sometimes unsuited to the hot weather.

Next week we will be:
– Saturday 8th September at the Kampinoski National Park’s Open Day in Izabelin, between 10-16
– Sunday 9th September at the EcoPicnic in the Kampinos commune

Some pictures from the previous events:

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