Picnics with Kampinos Wetlands

In spring, the Kampinos Wetlands project visited three feasts taking place around the Kampinos Forest: the Eco Babice picnic in the district of Stare Babice in Zielonki, The Ali Run Family Picnic and Summer Welcome in Brochów. For the youngest guests, we ran for the first time workshops on making “squeezers” – toys with the project’s logo, which enjoyed great interest. We’ve made over a hundred of them! Thanks to our mock-up showing the project’s activities on the main watercourses flowing through the Kampinos National Park, visitors could design the irrigation of selected areas by themselves. We would like to thank all Guests and our irreplaceable Elk, who despite the thick fur encouraged large and small ones in hot afternoons to visit our stand. We invite everyone for next meetings with Kampinos Swamps – see you in autumn!

2022 REC Polska