Record-high rainfall

Record high precipitation has been recorded this year in the Kampinos Forest. Such high levels of rainfall havn’t been recorded since at least 20 years.

Especially high precipitation occured in June, September and October. In June the rainfall has been more than twice higher then usually this time of year, in September – 4 times higher and in October almost three times higher. High precipitation caused groundwater levels to rise drastically in the early spring and summer (which is contrary to its annual decrease at this time of the year), causing widespread pools of backwater. Such high groundwater levels are causing difficulties in regards to the project’s implementation. Due to the unplanned occurrence of the backwater, mowing activities could not be carried out as planned. Hydrotechnical works related to water retention are delayed. High water levels are causing construction works of rapids and fords to be much more time consuming, and access to some of the planned construction sites is impossible even in waders (high rubber boots).

It is worth noticing that the already constructed hydrotechnical facilities do not have any impact on the current backwater pools. They were designed to increase the minimal groundwater levels and to let the high levels through. As a result the constructed low-rise rapids and fords are currently hidden deep under a thick layer of freely flowing water. Nevertheless, as a result of the current high groundwater levels, it is possible to notice the positive impact of the renovated dyke in the Sadowa village. The dyke separates the strictly protected zone “Sieraków” from the neighboring private land and buildings. Thanks to the dyke, water from the Kampinos forest doesn’t overflow agricultural and inhabited areas, where the groundwater levels are several dozen centimeters lower than in the Kampinoski National Park

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