Finishing hydrotechnical works in the project

The technical acceptance of the last hydrotechnical objects built within the project has been completed in project subareas Dolna Łasica and Zaborowski Canal.

The objects include two earth- and seven wooden dams, as well as nine fords with the damming function. The inflows and outflows of two culverts were renovated and 16 drainage ditches were rebuilt by construction of culverts with one-way lid at their inflow to the canal. This way, the water will flow from the canal to the adjusting wetlands, and will be blocked while flowing in the opposite dorection. Also some parts of channel edges have been renovated in order to stop wetlands desiccation.

The works have been formally accepted are covered by a five-year warranty. These are the last field works carried out as part of the Kampinoskie Bagna project.

The area of ​​impact of the works includes land managed by Kampinos National Park, including plots purchased during the project implementation.

2022 REC Polska