Got it! New project: Kampinos WetLIFE

We are pleased to announce that the project “Kampinos Wetlands” will be continued. After many efforts, it was possible to obtain financing for further activities aimed at protecting wetlands of the Kampinos Forest. The new project’s acronym is “Kampinos WetLIFE” and its implementation will last until 2026.

The project aims to improve the condition of wetlands in selected parts of the Kampinos Forest, those already owned by the State Treasury. Thanks to the construction of a number of small retention facilities, the swamps of this area will retain more water during periods of drought, and in wet periods, the water will flow not only through naturalised canals but also through numerous natural depressions in this area.
The project is aimed at the protection of numerous plant and animal species associated with wetlands. Particular care will be taken of species of invertebrates very rare in Europe, that are still preserved in the Kampinos Forest. These are two species of butterflies (Maculinea telejus and Lycaena dispar), three species of snails (Vertigo moulinsiana, Vertigo angustior and Anisus vorticulus) and a dragonfly (Leucorrhinia pectoralis).
The project includes construction of 15 dams on main channels of the Kampinos Forest, the creation of 35 ponds, the naturalization of over 8,000 meters of cahnnels, restoration of extensive farming on 108 ha of meadows, combating invasive species, multiplication and reintroduction of protected snails and amphibians, construction of nesting platforms for the black stork and birds of prey, etc. There are also plans for the purchase of buy 80 ha of land, environmental monitoring and communication activities.

The project will be implemented until June 2026, and its budget exceeds EUR 5 million, which will be financed from the LIFE + fund, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Partners’ own funds. The project beneficiary is Kampinos National Park, and the consortium also includes the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the REC Poland.

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