Partners’ meeting

Partners’ meeting took place online on February 16th. We shared the results of our work done during the last six months and our plans for the nearest future.

At the meeting, representatives of the partners presented the activities implemented so far. The results of monitoring, both hydrological and living nature: amphibians, malacofauna and invasive mammals, were particularly interesting.

A very important result of the action of restrained traps on the American vison is the fact that most of the animals found in cages were domestic cats. This proves the significant role of this predator in the Kampinos Forest, potentially strongly disturbing the ecological balance.

Another interesting news, resulting from hydrological monitoring, is that despite the wet year 2021, the flows in the channels were minimal. This confirms previous analyzes that 85-90% of water escapes from the park through evaporation and, to a lesser extent, infiltration of rainwater that feeds deep aquifers. Another important factor is the gradually lengthening of the growing season (shorter winters/increase in global air temperature), which translates into longer water uptake by plants.

An inventory of Natura 2000 species of amphibians and snails is in progress and will be continued in the year 2022. Efforts have also started to combat invasive alien plant species – Solidago gigantea, Robinia pseudoaccacia and Prunus serotina.

2022 REC Polska