Public consultation of Report no.1 – verifying project assumptions

In autumn, we’ve met with the inhabitants of Miszory, Famułki, Łubiec and Kępiaste – the villages closest to the areas where we plan to work in the project Kampinos WetLIFE.

The main purpose of meetings with the inhabitnats of the vicinity of Dolna Łasica and Zaborowski channels was to present the assumptions of the project and preliminary plans for the construction of small retention facilities included in the Report, as well as to collect comments and doubts to its implementation.

The greatest interest among the inhabitants is land puchase within project areas. In Lasocin, we also talked about how far would impact of planned facilities reach. People living further away from project boundaries, who attended the meeting, questioned whether the planned dams would slow down the outflow of water from their land, even though they were located outside the projected range of impact. The same topic was also vivid at the village council meetings in Górki (Leoncin commune) and Brzozówka (Czosnów commune), in which we participated in September.

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